The Abyss

Algorithms: Pain and Pleasure

As soon as I became serious about not sucking as a programmer anymore, I developed some learning strategies. By developed I obviously mean lifted them from other people's good ideas and pretended they were mine all along. Great strategy. Highly recommend. So I've been doing katas on codewars for a while. And since I've recently discovered pleasures of JS I've been devoted to ranking up and finally feeling good about myself. Thats didn't last long. Pretty soon I hit the ceiling of my abilities. Bruised ego made me unhappy. Code wars is not perfect, it ranks katas in a very weird way, so someone like me... read more »

Lifelong Learning

So there was I sitting in the room full of developers, and the only person standing up was telling us how important it is to have presence online. "Bummer" - I though to myself, remembering how I last updated any of my social networks about 2 years ago. Then I remembered how one very helpful book recommended maintaining a blog to learn and get better. That sound helpful, I though to myself and went on instilling ghost. Here is my first post, which encapsulates a very postmodernist approach of writing about writing the first post. I hope to maintain this mischievous borgesian approach to the rest... read more »