The Abyss

It's not you. It's Git.

This Friday (3.02.2017) I was lucky enough to go to Git Merge in Brussels. It was a lovely conference! However, just a few months ago I would not imagine going to a git conference, or liking anything related to version control. Like many new developers I was aware of git and was using it, without really knowing its depths and capabilities. Now I can ate least do git rebase -i or git merge branch-name fully expecting what happens next. I also have learnt that the only difference between a person who is fluent with git and a person who isn't is the fact that... read more »

Go with a Flow

You've heard about Flow, but not sure what it is, how to use it and whether it's worth it? I had to find answers to this questions so hopefully you don't have to. I've started with Flow as a contributor to already an established project with extensive (and ever growing) Flow coverage. It was a stark contrast to how JavaScript's usual treatment of types, in fact it seemed formalistic and unnecessarily specific at times. However, just like with writing tests, well type-annotated code will take care of itself and let you know about a problem before things went wrong. Why use Flow? Flow allows strict typing... read more »

Notes from 33C3

In case you don't know Chaos Computer Congress is the biggest thing. It's THE THING. In fact there are two types of people in the world: those who are planning to go to CCC and those who haven't heard of it yet. That time of the year between Christmas and New Year (when most german cities turn into ghost towns) when a bunch of interesting folks hang out together, listen to each other and make stuff under umbrella of the shared ideals and love for technology. It is almost like Star Trek, but in a convention centre and only for four days. In fact CCC often... read more »

Outreachy: Week 1&2

It has been 2 weeks since the beginning of Outreachy and I've started working with people of Mozilla's WebExtensions. So far it was just awesomesause. So here is a story of how it came to be. What is Outreachy, anyway? Outreachy is a scholarship program for underrepresented groups (LGBTQ+ people, PoC and women) in open source software development. It is organised by nice people of GNOME Foundation, Software Freedom Conservancy and Red Hat. Many-many cool companies support the program and work with the students. Why I've applied To be completely honest I feel very privileged to be part of Outreachy and in general. I am 'white... read more »

Beyond Tellerland, Berlin 2016

Me and my lovely coning partner were lucky enough to get free tickets for this year Berlin BTconf. In fact we were so lucky that this is our 3rd conference this autumn. What is it? It is a general front-end/web/design conference. This particular instance had an absolute minimum of slides with code. Do with that information what you will. Some may not be happy about overall softness of talk and topics, but there are definitely ideas worth sharing and pondering on. Ever since ViewSource 2016, where people were friendly, talks were perspective changing, food and drinks were plentiful and delicious, and last week of... read more »